10 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Going to a Bar

Beyond the bar, there is a world full of fun, self-control, and sober moments that can later be remembered. Here are several ideas for you and your love bird to go do in your free time or day off.

  1. Coffee Shop or Juice Bar
  2. Spend the Day at a Theme Park
  3. Netflix Marathon on a Dreary Day
  4. Tour a Local City
  5. Go Chill at the Beach or Hang by the Pool
  6. Go See a Live Show (sporting event, concert, or comedy performance)
  7. Exercise Together Outdoors (go for a run, hike, tennis, golf, swim, surf, skate, or ride bikes)
  8. Walk around a local library or book store and talk about the different books that interest you
  9. Take a Cooking Class Together
  10. Plan a day to visit various museums that interest one or the both of you


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“10 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Going to a Bar”

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