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Protecting Yourself from Human Trafficking

After nearly getting scouted into human trafficking, I have been interested to learn more about the warning signs if you’re about to be kidnapped and if the person you’ve encountered is on

Jennifer McDougall Definitely be extra careful and do some research on this guy. Make sure his identity matches who he says he is and ask him plenty of questions. One big tip is to turn on your shared location on your phone and share with 3 close friends or family members while you are traveling so they know where you are just in case. Ultimately, you should go with your gut feeling. If something doesn't feel right about, even if that is that things are moving too fast, set boundaries for yourself and give a little time and distance for your own sanity. If he truly cares about you, he will understand that and move at the pace that feels comfortable for you.
Kat Okay so there is this Canadian guy I’ve been talking to for about two months on a dating app and we met in person he’s come down here a few times I think about four and last time he was here he said he loved me and wanted to introduce me to his parents in Canada. He seems pretty legit but also it seems fast so idk if it’s human trafficking or if I’m just freaking out because I’ve never been to another country and so it scares me to go there. I’ve heard of a such thing as sex traffickers starting out at boyfriends so idk if I’m being paranoid or just nervous about a fast moving relationship

Healing Insomnia With Home Remedies

Insomnia affects nearly 30% of adults in America. We have so much on our minds that at the end of the day it can be hard to wind down and fall fast asleep.


LADIES: Quit Obsessing About Finding a Husband

Okay. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve heard enough. Day after day I hear my friends and online connections whining about the struggle to find a husband.

Dayana Rosario Love this!! ❤
Staci Absolutely Love it!! Thank you for this article!! I definitely needed to read this. Thanks Polly!

Understanding Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been tired in my life, but never like this. I wore myself so thin I literally had nothing left inside of me that was at all thriving.


Unexpected Uses For Coconut Oil

For years, I have been using coconut oil in the kitchen to stir up just about every dish that comes off my pan and in my morning coffee. It is even part of my daily skin care regiment.


A Complete Guide to Recovering From a Toxic Relationshi...

Breakups are not all the same. They come at us in all forms. Some are harder than others to let go of.

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