5 Ways to Find Your True Passion

Looking back, I remember the days of pulling into the parking lots of places I worked and dreading the entire day. I hated my outfit, I hated the weather, hated environment I was about to have to be in. I wanted nothing ...


7 Traits of a Great Leader

1. Communication

One of the most valuable traits a great leader has is solid communication skills. Communication is the key ingredient in building a firm foundation for the people who rely on you. It helps build trust, and leaves little ...


Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle

Anyone can tell you the simple truth that being lazy will get you nowhere in this world, but they might not tell you exactly how you can go about being more productive.  I’ve put together some fairly simple ideas that ...


7 Ways to Have a Productive Morning

We could all use a little boost in the morning to help get us going, and knock out those assignments we need to get done. When you are not sure where to begin, and your mind is completely cluttered with a million ...


Are you getting the respect you deserve?

Respect is something that many people in the world don’t have a lot of. Just to say to blatantly clear- in order to gain respect you must deliver the same character to those whom you wish to have respect from.

Take a ...