What to do When You’re Feeling Unhappy

This is a question I often ask people who constantly complain about where they are at in life and even over the course of years have yet to do anything about it to make things better. Life is short. We hear the statement all the time, but when someone has become so unmotivated and comforted by the discomfort in their own lives, they tend not to show any sign of improving the way they’re living.

Many people attempt to reason with the excuse of financial security and what will happen if they walk away from a job they hate or that they won’t find someone to love them if they finally leave that toxic relationship they’ve been consumed by for far too long.

Whatever the excuse for not getting up and changing your “miserable” life, I can assure you there is a way around every single obstacle you may be challenged with.

You see, the struggle isn’t always how you will figure things out as the troubles arise, its actually getting up and doing something about it. Hate your job? Here are some suggestions to improve it.

  • Change your mindset into a more positive outlook
  • Remind yourself of how blessed you are to have a job
  • Apply for other work or other jobs online after brushing up your resume
  • Sign up for online courses to learn new skills or improve on the ones you already have
  • Change up your routine
  • Start going to the gym on a regular basis
  • Distance yourself from toxic colleagues or negative influences dragging you down
  • Create more meaningful work that you can be proud of
  • Begin taking on side gigs to increase your income and help give you a deeper sense of purpose
  • Volunteer in your local community by helping others in need
  • Reduce your expenses and create a new budget that will help you save more money and pay off debt

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If it is an unhealthy relationship you’re looking to get away from because you feel it is causing you misery, it’s time we look at some of these ideas.

Whether that be a friend, a significant other (romantic partner), co-worker, or family member, there are many things you can do to either improve the situation and make things better in the days to come or take the initial steps in disconnecting from them altogether by creating boundaries that will have you feeling more at ease with a greater sense of peace.

Let’s all be open-minded as we explore these ideas.

  • Discuss the problems or challenges you are facing with the other person
  • Keep calm and try not to get heated or angry if an argument begins to arise
  • Listen intently to what the other person has to say and try to understand where they are coming from as best you can
  • Know that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses – be patient as this person works to improve their behavior but have no expectations
  • Take a breather from this person who’s driving you mad. Spend limited time around them (if any at all). Don’t feel obligated to reply to every text, email, or phone call. Unfollow them on social media so you don’t have to see their annoying posts. Give no explanation to your distance if you do not feel it is not needed cause you know good n well that this person will not understand in the least bit (directed to that narcissistic person whose self-centered and rotten).
  • Spend time indulging in self-care practices that will help you recharge and heal from emotional stress and tension
  • Go on a trip with your loved one if you are aiming to improve the current relationship
  • Be clear and compassionate with your loved one if you’re looking to mend the broken bonds you wish to repair
  • Regain trust by being truly honest
  • Practice letting go of the past – release your regrets, pain from events in the past, unreached expectations, and self-doubt so you can begin to feel free and forgiven in your own skin
  • Tell the person that you forgive them for their words or actions but set clear boundaries moving forward

If you’re looking to improve your life by discovering your true passion and purpose in life, now is the time to make a change. Right here and right now is the perfect place to start.

If you have been living in the same repetitive cycle of doing the same thing over and over without seeing any positive growth in your life, the best decision you can make is to stop what you are doing and switch things up– for your own good.

You see, we were not put on this earth to just be mediocre. Unless that is your desire, then please continue on living your mundane life in the shadow of boredom and grey matter.

Many people who are unhappy and find that they are miserable in life, they act as a puppet on strings being controlled by someone with greater power than them. They are afraid to cut these ties mainly because the strings give them a sense of safety and security.

They will continue to hang by these strings even when they feel absolutely lost, broken, miserable, silenced, paralyzed, poor, helpless, and can’t breathe from the suffocation in which they’ve lost all strength to cut loose and live a life free from control and power.

So how can you take the initiative and start living life by your own rules? Here are just some suggestions. Let your core purpose and your undeniable passions bring an uprising in your life.

  • Start by reading more intellectually stimulating books that can teach you new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Open up and welcome new experiences that will take you out of your comfort zone such as doing things you wouldn’t normally do because of the fear that holds you back from trying things you’ve always wanted to try
  • Mediate and channel your inner guidance by envisioning yourself in the alpha-state. Let go of your worries and doubts. Use meditation as a source of inner peace and clarity.
  • Begin dedicating one day a week to self-care where you pamper yourself with a spa day or doing something you enjoy most that will help you feel recharged and empowered
  • Embrace conversations with those who make you feel good about yourself and remind you of your valuable attributes that sometimes you lose sight of because of self-doubt or brain chatter
  • Journal your thoughts, ideas, and experiences
  • Create art in some form such as photography, poetry, painting, dancing, drawing, makeup artistry, pottery, digital design, decorating, or cooking
  • Get outside and take a walk or run in nature (observe the world around you)
  • Exercise daily (or as often as possible) for 45 mins to 1 hour

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