How to Get Someone to Change, And Why Nothing Else Has Worked

When you run into difficulties with someone and you’ve tried literally everything to get them to change into the person you’d like for them to be– there is something important you should know. Not everyone is meant to change. Not everyone is willing to change. Forcing someone to do or be something they are not, can seriously backfire. In many cases, when a person feels forced to do or be something they are truly not, they end up resenting the person who forced them down the path of complete resistance. It’s important you listen to what they have to say on the subject matter– whatever it might be.

Rather than forcing change upon someone, consider these tips instead.

  • Ask them questions so you can better understand their resistance to the changes
  • Shower them with compliments and words of encouragement
  • Be open to change yourself without complaining
  • Mirror what you would like to see from them
  • Don’t smother them with complaints and suggestions– give them space to think and be


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