In a World of Distractions

How are we suppose to get anything done between the text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, people who love to chime in on every conversation even when you’re not speaking to them, those who consume your time without any concept that you have a life of your own and things you need to get done, and ugh, there’s Tinder. When the world around you is caving in at every angle and distracting you from doing the things that really matter it can be very difficult. How can you silence the world around you so that you can just focus on what needs to be done? How can you nicely tell people to give you some space so you can take care of your own obligations and carry out those goals you’ve set for yourself? Airplane mode. Simple and done.

Airplane mode is an option on the iPhone that allows you to go off the grid without having your phone blow up with nonsense. It’s a way of saying “Nope, not now.” Don’t feel bad about going off the grid and switching to airplane mode for an extended amount of time. People are so funny when it comes to being selfish with their own time. We are so giving when it comes to helping a friend or responding to every text your mom sends. When are we going to just stop and give ourselves some time? When it comes to your priorities and staying focused I’m going to be real and say that it’s 100% OKAY to be a bit selfish with your time. What you choose to invest your time in is completely up to you, you should not let anyone control that aspect of your life because it is the only thing in this life that you fully own.


It’s easy to wear yourself out when you devote so much time to other people but we must remember the perspective of investment. How we invest our time is very important. Getting caught up in the world’s distractions take away from our valuable time. We must remember to be careful how we invest our time and what we invest it in… Think about one thing you spend way too much time doing that really is not benefiting you. Have it? Okay. Now take the steps to distance yourself from that one thing. This will help free some time and energy that you can spend on something else more beneficial for you and your future.

It’s amazing to think about all the time we invest in things they serve us such little purpose. We stare at our phones waiting for that special someone to call us instead of doing something productive. We let others steal our time by never taking our advice yet spend hours telling us about their problems. We are so consumed by all the distractions around us that we become so unfocused, and so unproductive. It’s time to look everything that distracts us (friends, drinking, smoking, phone apps, games, negative co-workers, worries, etc.) and make some changes!

We are in control of our future and once you realize that you should be more aware of making better choices in how you spend your time and what you allow to distract you. Keep in mind not all distractions are bad, you just have to be mindful to which ones are actually benefiting you and which ones are holding you back from achieving your goals.



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