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Maintaining a Healthy Long Distance Relationship

Any relationship takes work but when it comes to dating someone who lives far away things can get a little tricky. Here are 15 proven ways to help maintain health and balance in your long-distance love life.

  1. Have a conversation in the morning and evening. Talk about your plans for the day and then later how it all went. This will help the two of you feel close and connected to one another as you allow space for them to know what is going on in your life and vise vera.
  2. Lay down the ground rules. Every couple is different. You’re better to know what is and is not okay with your significant other rather than assuming the terms to your arrangement and then getting completely shit on when you find out they went behind your back and did something beyond your moral threshold.
  3. View this time as an opportunity. Distance for long periods of time away from the person you love and adore the most can be so difficult, but when looking at this time as an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level, it can help you see whether or not this is truly someone who is right for you or maybe the intimacy blinded you. This is also a great time to focus on you, yourself, yeah you!
  4. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if your significant other was right there beside you. Kind of a duh and goes for non-long-distance relationships too, but keeping this in mind will help you wandering astray or picking up bad habits your partner wouldn’t be okay with.
  5. Watch the same movie or read the same book. Use this as a fun activity you can enjoy alone on your own time and then when you talk to your significant other, you two little love birds can exchange thoughts on the book or movie.
  6. Send each other gifts. Who doesn’t love little surprises showing up at their doorstep every so often? Get on Amazon send your sweetheart some flowers, a cute new shirt, new shoes, a soft blanket, a coffee mug with your face on it, anything to make them think of you.
  7. Follow each other on social media. Without being that super sappy and annoying couple, you both can totally benefit from keeping tabs on one another online. Don’t you think it’s important to get a visual on what they are posting, what their day-to-day life looks like, and hey this could be a good way to meet the friends they have far far away?
  8. Enjoy time alone. Learning to be alone, happy in your own company is a healthy part of any relationship. Co-dependency on one another is suffocating and seriously so uncute. Get to know most real, truest self, without that other person, just you. Who are you? What do you enjoy doing the most on the weekends without being told where to be or who you have to hang out with? See, your mind is expanding already.
  9. Visit one another. It’s important to make trips to see one another when you can. Although plane tickets are not the most affordable things to purchase out there, they also cost THAT much and you two could split the cost to make it easier if that helps.
  10. Encourage one another on your personal goals. Having goals of your own and wanting to accomplish things in your life is a wonderful thing. Discuss your goals with one another and when you communicate ask them how things are coming along and if there is anything you can do to help them get to where they need to be on the path of greatness.
  11. Listen attentively. The key to any healthy relationship is communication and how can you have solid communication when one of you doesn’t listen to the other? Don’t interrupt when the other one is speaking. Whatever crazy awesome thing you have to say can wait until your S/O is finished speaking.
  12. Create a shared playlist. Sharing songs with one another can be a fun way to connect on a spiritual level because music gives off so many vibes, more so than writing out a long paragraph or talking on the phone. Send them songs that you are into and that make you think of them.
  13. Video chat when possible. Being able to see your S/O in real-time, in motion is a great way to stay connected even if it is super hard to see them and not be able to cuddle up in their arms.
  14. Stay positive. Whatever it is that you are going through stay positive and try to be optimistic when you talk to your S/O.
  15. Touch base on your hopes for the relationship in the future. What do you want this relationship to evolve into? Is there a plan for one of you to move to where the other one is at? Do you want kids? Do you want to get married? Are you good with just continuing on with how things are? Discuss common goals for your relationship so you can remain on the same page.
Keep the spark alive in your romance even when you’re miles apart.

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