The Awakening Experience of Death

The opportunity for the realization of all the many moments we take for granted in this life come alive as soon as you find out someone you cared for has just passed away. Over the past couple months I have lost two ...


Tips for Getting Through Your Breakup

It hurts we know. It’s like the worst pain you’ve ever felt, we know. You don’t understand how someone who once told you every day how much they loved you could turn around and be so cold. You sent him 20 text ...


Hardships and the Anticipation for Change

Isn’t crazy that we think the most difficult times in our life are never going to end?

While the world around us is spinning out of control and nothing seems to be falling into place, we worry, we wonder and, we sit ...


The Warm-up Girl

Here’s to all the girls who date a guy for several years and when they break up, the guy finds some random girl to give everything you ever wanted from him/in a relationship to, in a fraction of the time. My guess ...


Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

Possessive Love

Have you or anyone you know been part of an abusive relationship? Maybe you are or you were at one time but did not realize it. From my own past experience and trauma I would like to share some information ...

jennas wedding 2

My Best Friend’s Wedding

On April 29, 2012 I stood at the top of a charming little brick staircase in Acworth, Georgia and looked out to my best friend of twenty-four years in her gorgeous white sparkling wedding gown, arm in arm with her father. Her ...


10 Ways to Escape The Funk!

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything, and everything seems so uninspiring?  Here are 10 tips to help you snap out of that funk you’re in and start feeling good again.


Close ...


Ways to Fell More Accomplished in Your Life

Some of us look at other people’s accomplishments and ask ourselves, “What have I done?” Then, you feel like crap, sit and mope about it until you talk to someone or turn on a funny movie, have a glass of wine or go ...