Driving 101: The Hammer Lane

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been brought to my attention over the course of hours and hours of driving on these beautiful roads right here in the great land of the United States of America that 90% o


4 Things to Know About Hot Yoga

There is no denying that there are many benefits to practicing hot yoga, such as detox from the amount of sweat your body produces in a 90 minute Bikram yoga session.


12 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

It can be one of the worst feelings and for some of us it seems to happen a little too often. Sitting at home, pacing around, thinking, dwelling, or drinking is not going to make matters any better.


In the Process of Making Decisions

While weighing out your options to make the most logical choice to the best of your ability sometimes you may find that it is much more difficult than one would initially suspect it to be.


The Awakening Experience of Death

The opportunity for the realization of all the many moments we take for granted in this life come alive as soon as you find out someone you cared for has just passed away.


In a World of Distractions

How are we suppose to get anything done between the text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, people who love to chime in on every conversation even when you’re not speaking to them, those who


Hardships and the Anticipation for Change

Isn’t crazy that we think the most difficult times in our life are never going to end? While the world around us is spinning out of control and nothing seems to be falling into place, we worry,


The Warm-up Girl

Here’s to all the girls who date a guy for several years and when they break up, the guy finds some random girl to give everything you ever wanted from him/in a relationship to, in a fraction of