Life of Polly

Simple Tips for Living Your Best Life

Life and It’s Temporary Status

As you go on through your journey in life you will begin to realize everything is temporary. Our struggles, our excitement for certain things, our love for this or that, our jobs, our hair color, downfalls, living situations, cars we drive, friendships, love interests, everything is temporary. Enjoy and embrace every single phase your life…

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Polly Gets Domestic

Three months ago I got my own place. It’s a cute little apartment to call home. But, let me tell you this did not just happen overnight. I was torn between taking some time off to go to London for a Marketing program, or moving out of my parents house and getting my own little…

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The Morning Routine: Setting The Tone For an Entire Day

Are you the type of person who rolls out of bed in the morning, puts on the bare minimum amount of makeup and throws your hair up in a messy bun (which is totally chic, but let’s be honest it’s a bit lazy)? Do you typically leave the house without coffee, and wait until you…

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Manners: Where Did They Go?

Maybe it’s because I’m from the south and people actually have manners where I come from. Or, maybe it’s just that the world is full of people trying to keep to themselves and avoid everyone around them. I honestly don’t know, but it drives me crazy. When I pass by people (in the morning especially)…

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The 365 (Inside My Solo Journey)

It all started after a rather dramatic, and tragic ending to my six-year relationship with the person I thought I would end up marrying and starting a family with. I decided to take a big step back to focus on myself for a change. I began to practice doing things alone such as,  traveling, going…

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