How to Cut Back on Monthly Spending

Let’s face it, there is nothing fun about having to cut back expenses, besides the fact that it does give you an opportunity to evaluate what you are spending your money on each money and reprioritize your wants and needs. Every now and then the time comes (usually out of nowhere) when you need to make some major budget cuts. Recently, I had my monthly income cut a bit and I found myself freaking out over what will I do without this source of income I rely on for living expenses.

After a lot of sleepless nights, overwhelming stress and the obvious fact that I had to make some serious changes. Here are 10 helpful tips that can keep you from sinking into debt and relieve yourself from some much understandable stress.

1. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions. 

2. Learn to say “no” to going out as often and entertain and socialized at home instead. 

3. Make meals at home rather than eating out or ordering delivery. 

4. Stop shopping for clothes.

5. Do your hair, nails, and spray tan at home rather than spending a ton of money to have it done somewhere else.


6. Cut back on your cell phone bill. Call your carrier to have them make adjustments that fit your monthly usage.

7. Workout at home rather than spending money on a gym membership (film your workouts for social media to build an audience and help other people too!)

8. Eliminate bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

9. Sell unused items on eBay or Let Go.

10. Create Gigs on Fiverr to earn money on the side to help keep you afloat and hopefully even save some money while you’re at it.


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