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If You’re Unhappy Why Not Make a Change

This is a question I often ask people who constantly complain about where they are at in life and even over the course of years have yet to do anything about it to make things better. Life is short.


The Soul Sucking Friend Who Has No Chill

We all have that one friend, or know someone who after we spend time with we feel completely drained and useless. I know I do and I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar.


Let It Go & Let It Be

It’s not about what life throws at you. What matters is how you deal with it. From one moment to the next life changes.


Embrace The Single Life

Being single is an opportunity to focus on work, spend time with friends and family, and learn to enjoy time alone.


Are you feeling tired and uninspired?

Every one of us finds inspiration in different ways. Some of us go outside to take a walk or go to the gym to workout and jam to the beat of our favorite song.