The Perfect Guide to Home Hunting

Finding the perfect home isn’t always easy, but with a little help you may be surprised what you find around the corner… or across the world.  With the help of a dear friend of mine, Staci Price, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most important things you need to look out for, and do during your home-hunting-mission.

Sometimes we are on a time crunch to find a place to live, but with every inhale, and every exhale we are able to take on any challenge no matter how extreme the difficulty.

“To live in serenity, maintain a peace of mind and build your own sanctuary.” – Staci Price

1. Scope out the property, thoroughly.

Observe the property inside and out. Check for cracks, mold and weird stenches.

2. Research and read social media reviews on the property and the local area.

See what you can find out about the place. What if it’s haunted? Will you still be interested? Some people may not be bothered by this sort of thing, while others may dismiss the home altogether and move on. What about landslide hazards, noisy road conditions,local schools, shopping centers, crime rates, pesty little critters, quality of local emergency locations, population stats and area market value? 

Do your research before signing that dotted line, or if you’re a baller, that solid line on the bottom right of the check.

3. Ask for a full report of when appliances were last installed and know the quality of all fixtures.


4. Don’t forget to ask about the air conditioning situation.

Does the home have central air or wall units? Are they solar? Energy controlled? What is the gas and energy companies currently being used?


5. Office Commute

What will the commute be like to and from work (time, miles, traffic)?

6. Where is the nearest grocery store?

7. Where is the nearest gas station?

8. What are other homes in the area selling for?

9. Is this a place you can have visitors and room for guests to stay if they need to?


10. What’s the parking situation?

11. Take a look around at surrounding neighbors homes and check for any odd things that may stand out..

12. Does the home have the minimum amount of square footage you are looking for?

13. How much or little work does the home need..? And would you be willing to make the needed upgrades and renovations?


14. If you have or plan to have a pet in the future… does this home have the pet accommodations that you’re looking for?

15. Where is the closest freeway?

16. Public transit? (You never know when or if you will ever need to take the bus or train…)

17. What year was it built?


18. Why are the current residents moving/selling?

19. How do the costs of living in this particular home work into your budget? Will you be able to stay afloat and still be able to save cash on the side?

20. Are there any nice outdoor walking areas?


21. If you are looking to lease an apartment, you will need to know if the laundry is in-unit or if the community laundry room is near by to haul your laundry back and forth.

22. Is there the right amount of storage space to fit your needs (garages, kitchen, pantry, toiletries, closets)?

23. Pool

Is there a pool (salt water or chlorinated)? Is there a heater (solar or gas)?



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