Unexpected Uses For Coconut Oil

For years, I have been using coconut oil in the kitchen to stir up just about every dish that comes off my pan and in my morning coffee. It is even part of my daily skin care regiment. The benefits of coconut oil are almost endless. Studies have shown its proven to help repair brain function, prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure, protect the liver, reduce inflammation, treat and prevent cancer, boost the immune system, improve memory, increase energy and endurance, reduce stomach ulcers, improve digestion, prevent gum disease, improve skin issues, build muscle and burn body fat.

As you can see, there are many uses for coconut oil we can all benefit from. Part of my cooking routine includes heating up the stove with a pan and added a teaspoon of pressed coconut oil. I let it melt for a few seconds then move the pan around to spread the oil to cover the entire pan before adding my food ingredients. This is just one way I use coconut oil in the kitchen.

The other kitchen use for coconut oil is by adding it to your coffee. All you need is a tiny bit on the edge of your spoon then stir is around in your cup of hot coffee.

For skin care purposes, my recommendation is to use it as a moisturizer in the morning before putting your foundation and other makeup on. It will help keep your skin looking clear and radiant. People will begin asking what products you’re using and the secret is to keep it simple– coconut oil, then foundation, blush, then setting powder and BOOM.

Use it as a moisturizer as night as well for extra skin care benefits. Its a great makeup remover as well and to add to your nightly bath with lavender oil.

I suggest keeping separate jars or bottles of coconut oil in your kitchen and in your bathroom. Have one for kitchen needs (in the kitchen cabinet) and one in your bathroom by the sink. Use organic cold pressed oil for cooking and fractionated oil for skin and hair care.

  1. Moisturize hair, skin, and nails
  2. Brightens skin tone
  3. Helps with digestion
  4. Boost metabolism when consumed through food or beverages
  5. Adds delicious subtle flavor to any recipe
  6. Natural sunscreen
  7. Can help improve quality of sleep
  8. Shown to help symptoms of depression and anxiety
  9. Helpful for dogs with skin problems
  10. Prevents Alzheimer’s
  11. Helps avoid/reduce stretch marks during pregnancy
  12. Natural treatment for lice
  13. Heals acne when applied to clean skin
  14. Used to condition or soften leather
  15. Mix with rosemary or pepperment oil as a natural bug repellent


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