You Must Be a Friend to Have a Friend

As one day passes and another one is soon to arise. I look back on the lessons I’ve learned, the friendships I’ve made, and the challenges I’ve faced. This life isn’t always easy. In fact, most of the time it’s a rough road. A road so many people stumble down and find themselves scarred from all the gravel and rocks tossed up at them.

It’s safe to say I am not a perfect person. I have made many mistakes. When times get tough I don’t want to lean on anyone because I feel my weight is too heavy for most to bare.

There are countless people who would be there by my side in a time of need and I’m thankful for them. There are secrets I want to keep inside but they seep through my wounds.

Lately, my strength has been tested. My mind has played tricks on me. Those I get involved with betray me. I’ve learned not to take things personally but to use them as stepping stones.

I hope that through my own experiences, I am able to help someone else going through difficult times. I hope there continue to be people in this world who find peace in my presence, who I can be there for them to lean on so they don’t resort to their shell.

I hope that if you are someone reading this right now, that you know you’re not alone in this world and there is someone just like you who you can talk to. I hope you don’t feel afraid of what tomorrow brings because you realize that deep down you are everything this world needs.


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“You Must Be a Friend to Have a Friend”

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