10 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Well

We’ve all had those days where we feel well at all and we don’t know what in the world to do about it. Life doesn’t come with a manual but the internet is a goldmine for learning new things. Whether it’s because of a moral hangover, breakup, life-funk, or some other purely logical reason, there are still several things you can do to feel better.

Take a shower

Wash off all that guilt, dirt, and self-pity. Alternate between hot and cold water. This little trick will help a great deal. It’s also known as hydro-therapy so you gotta know that’s going to work.

Go to the gym

Sweat out the funk! Working out helps stimulate your endorphins and make you feel a lot less crappy.

Turn your phone on airplane mode

Our cell phones can sometimes be a big distraction and the constant flow of emails, text messages, Facebook updates, Instagram rubbish and whatever else you have going on can slow you down. Take a break. Go off the grid for a couple of hours.

Get off of social media for at least 6 hours

This is what I like to calla social-detox. Avoid the use of social media apps or going online to visit these sites for at least 6 hours. Do this when you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t focus. Step away from all the distractions to get centered again.

Listen to music

Music is one of the best forms of therapy and next to reading it is a wonderful way to stimulate your brain.

Put a cleansing face masque on

Treat yourself to a little “self-love” and pamper your skin. When you look good, you will feel good. Take care of your skin (& body) just as you take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Deep condition your hair

How will you ever feel amazing with a messy mane?! It’s almost impossible.

Drink a gallon of water throughout the day

Hydrate – Hydrate – Hydrate!

Eat Healthily 

Fuel up on nutritious foods.

Read a book to escape reality instead of turning on the TV

Put the remote down. Turn the TV off. Grab a book and dive right in!

Soak up the sun 

Vitamin D has many health benefits that are often overlooked.  Getting a touch of sun each day helps boost our creativity, mood, and who doesn’t love a little glow to your skin and extra pep in your step?!

Chances are there is a good reason why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, but your attitude towards what is happening in your life is the most important thing that you do have control over. Everyone faces challenging circumstances, difficult days, or moments, but its all a matter of being optimistic and changing the way you see these events and circumstances. Our perspective is literally EVERYTHING. Change the way you think and your entire world will change in an instant!

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