10 Ways to Escape The Funk

How to Get Out of the Funk

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything, and everything seems so uninspiring?  Here are 10 tips to help you snap out of that funk you’re in and start feeling good again.


Close your eyes, sit up straight, and take three slow deep breaths.

2. Reflection

Look at all you’ve accomplished, how much you have overcome and the many lessons you have learned in the past. Let this moment of reflection inspire you.

3. Exercise

Get up and break a sweat. Working out is a great way to clear your mind and release endorphins in your body which will leave you feeling 100x better than you did before you decided to move ya hinney and bust a move.

4. Scenery Rotation

Take a different route home to and from work. Change up your routine, and explore different places you don’t usually visit. Give your visionary senses the gift of new sights they have gone unseen.

5. Positive Thinking

Trash every negative thought that enters your mind. Focus only on the positive.

6. Crank the Beats

Turn on, turn up and sing along to some good jams.

7. Connect with strangers

Smile at every person you pass by. This will instantly help lift your spirits. Even if the other person does not smile back, don’t let it affect you, that’s on them, not you. Radiate love and light in all your interactions and you will be surprised how much better you will feel after a short minute.

8. Solitude, Peace & Quiet

Connect with your internal rhythm by spending a little time alone. Take yourself to lunch. Visit a bookstore and explore. Go to a local art gallery or museum. Go on a walk outside.

9. Laugh it off

Let go laughing! Call up a friend or family member you know can lift your spirits and make you laugh up a storm.

10. Smile

Whatever you do, whatever happens, just smile.

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