12 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

It can be one of the worst feelings and for some of us it seems to happen a little too often. Sitting at home, pacing around, thinking, dwelling, or drinking is not going to make matters any better. All of these things will only make that unsettling feeling worse! So what can you do to tame your mind and body from being carried away in an messy hurricane? Well, I’ve got 12 ideas that will be your little lifesavers and help you out.

1. Calming supplements- GABA by Now Food

GABA (gamma amiobutyric acid) is considered to be a inhibitory transmitter and is an amino acid that is found in the human brain and eyes. It has an instant calming effect that helps promote relaxation and eases tension.

2. 20-30 minute run/ workout

That’s all it takes to reduce any level of anxiety, 20-30 minutes.

4. Hot Yoga

Yeah its 105 degrees in that room, but its amazing and you will forget why you were even anxious in the first place.

5. Get off of Facebook pronto! 

In my opinion, Facebook is one of the most unproductive internet tools (and I work in Social Media Marketing- haha). You go to the Facebook app on your phone out of habit and scroll down through your newsfeeds only to find people bragging or complaining about their lives. This can be so draining and incredibly distracting, but distraction is not when you need in a time of anxiety.

6. Breathing exercises

Lift your head and take a slow, deep breath,

7. Cup of hot herbal tea (Chamomile, Green or Passion Flower ) 

8. Warm bath with lavender extracts and smoothing music

Turn the lights down or off, and turn the soft sounds of tranquility up. Close your eyes and let your worries and endless wonders melt away in an enchanted bath of your own creation.

9.  Hydrate

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration has been found to heighten symptoms of anxiety.

10. Stop skipping meals

Many people with anxiety tend to skip meals because their appetite is suppressed by all the nerves flooding their belly. When you skip meals your choline levels are low causing you to feel more anxiety. So pick up the fork and eat something healthy.

11. Lay off the coffee and alcohol

Coffee and alcohol make anxiety worse. Find alternative ways to increase energy and enjoy your time.

12. Get a massage

Relax and enjoy getting pampered during a 90 minute massage session. There are always Groupon deals and specials going on that you should take advantage of, for your own peace of mind and wellbeing.



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  1. Those are some good points you have described and it works for ”easy” anxiety, but it can be difficult for people with anxiety to start the good life style, which relieves anxiety. For some it will be good to start with a beginner’s course in psychology, eventually at evening classes to understand the underlying cause.

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