How to Exercise More Courage

Some of us stroll through life without taking many risks. Some people just stick to what is comfortable. They are too afraid to step into the world of “more risks more rewards.” They would rather be comfortable in their day-to-day lifestyle than try something new, speak their mind, or make a major change.

I feel confident saying (because of my own experiences) that there is no growth in the zone of comfort. If you ever want to be truly happy, find great success, endless fortune, and leave a solid legacy behind long after you’re gone, you have to be brave and have courage. Not sorry. It’s true.

Living fully means you must be BRAVE and that my friend takes a heck of a lot of courage. What exactly does that mean though? Well, don’t worry. I’m about to walk you through every principle on this topic you need to know so when you’re finished reading this article you will (hopefully) go do something super awesome. Just keep it in the legal boundaries of the law, please.

Have you ever felt that feeling in your gut when you’re about to do something scary? Or when you begin to pick yourself back up after a let down? That is courage. You are fighting to continue on your path towards something you believe in. You are brave enough to do your best to get back on your feet no matter how hard life knocked you down. Its when you’re laying in bed and have no desire to get up and start the day, but you remind yourself of all the things you have to do and continue working for. Its being in pain and TAKING it. Its when your date cancels on your ten minutes before you’re suppose to meet and you cry on the phone with your brother, but you start to laugh it off because you already had such low expectations for things to go the way you really want them to so you don’t let the disappointment get to you.

Being brave and having courage is when someone tells you something extremely hurtful but you shake it off without allowing the words spit out at you leave stains on your soul. Its when you start a new school without knowing anyone but you’re optimistic and believe you’re soon to find new friends in this unfamiliar place. Its sitting face to face with the person of your dreams and doing your best not to screw it up by saying or doing the “wrong” thing. Its being fired from a job you worked hard for and not taking the rejection personally. Its owning everything that happens to you and being optimistic. Its getting on a plane to a strange place you’ve never been to spend a week to broaden your horizons. Its living alone and finding a spider on the wall that’s too high up so you leave it be and go to bed without any worries of it eating you alive in the middle of the night.

You Guys! It means taking a deep breath and telling that one person you can’t stop thinking of how much you admire and love them, regardless of their reaction– you don’t care about the outcome you just gotta get it out there. Its believing that no matter what happens to you is always for your benefit (Thank you for your wisdom, Chris Prentiss). That is what it means to be brave and have courage.

For literary purposes lets see the proper definition though.

  1. courageous behavior or character.
    synonyms: courage, valor, intrepidity, nerve, daring, fearlessness, audacity, boldness, dauntlessness,stoutheartedness, heroism;

Okay, so samies, right? Totally.

BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. BE YOU, sweet angel.

Throughout my 29 years of life here on Earth I have experienced so many moments that have tested my courage. I’ve had to step of out my comfort zone and into several situations that have felt so uncertain and scary. When that moment was over no matter what the outcome I have ALWAYS felt relieved and rewarded with the gift of what it means to be brave. You know the feeling, right?

Public speaking has always been one of my greatest fears. In high school during a series of presentations I skipped out of class and walked around campus in fear that the teacher would call me up to give my PowerPoint presentation to the class. I was terrified. I felt so uneasy. This is a bad example because I actually got away with not having to give the presentation and somehow got an A-. So you could say then I lacked bravery. I was too scared. I ran from what could of been an incredible experience. I had a great presentation put together and knew the material back to front. Like I memorized that. I was just way too scared. Plus I was bullied in school so I wasn’t too anxious to get up there and have people laugh at me or whisper mean things to each other.

A better example is when I went for my dream job. I knew what I wanted. I saw my future crystal clear; like never before. I finally discovered what it was that I wanted to do; digital marketing and writing. If you haven’t found your calling yet, its okay! You will.

I was called up to my boss’ office and told him everything I saw that I could do to help the company grow. Yes, I was nervous.  Yes, I was unsure how he would respond. That didn’t matter. What I did know was that I was here for a reason. I was given these talents and abilities so that I could help others. I knew the passion I felt from my core. I explained my grand plan. I laid out my 60-90 day plan. I showed him everything in detail; how I planned to make it all happen. I was pouring everything out. Regardless of what I expected to come from it, I walked away from the meeting feeling confident in knowing I gave it all I had.

A couple weeks later I got the, “Okay, let’s do this.” And I cannot begin to describe to you the feeling I had from that moment on.

I am still living out my dream job. I am still working and doing what I love.

Before you start saying, “Oh gosh, life has been easy for you. You don’t know what it’s like to struggle.” Let me remind you that I still get put down and rejected. I have to be brave and have courage every single day– we all do. If we didn’t life would feel like an endless defeated battle.

Some of my close friends are entrepreneurs and strive every day for that next big deal. One of my dearest friends is a musician. Another an artist. Another hair stylist. Another a writer, like me. Whether you are someone who works a 9 to 5 and goes home to take care of a family or someone who has a full-time job but hustles on the side to pursue your dreams I want to encourage you to keep fighting on towards the things that set your soul on fire. No matter what your path, you have to be brave in every step you take. You cant let rejection and disappointment set you back.

We all face hardships at some point in our lives. We all go through some tough times. Life is only as blissful as you make it. You can look at the things that happen to you and say, “Wow. I can’t handle this” and do drown your defeat at the bottom of a bottle. OR you can look at things and say, “Okay. So that happened. Now I have to work hard. Try something else. Yeah this isn’t comfortable to me. This doesn’t feel safe, but by accepting this event for what it is I can proceed to make the very best out of it so I can learn and grow from it.”

When your day comes and heavens gate open up for you, I hope you can look back on your life and say to yourself, “WOW. I really lived.”

That is what it means to be BRAVE and have COURAGE.

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