7 Ways to Breakthrough Your Burnout

People everywhere experience a burnout once in a while. Maybe you are one of those people right now; feeling overwhelmed in a cycle of sleepless nights and waking up in a quest for real inspiration to keep going- to keep thriving. That’s when it hits you. You’re burnt out. There’s a deep desire for change in a world where everything seems to be the same each and every single day. You want to get out. You want to feel alive, but the energy you’ve been able to muster up has been consumed with the constant workload or relationship troubles at home. Letting go and allowing yourself to have a much-needed breakthrough is an absolute necessity right now.


If you feel as though you’ve been stuck in the same place going nowhere for far too long, its time to shake things up and do things differently.

When we allow ourselves to be held hostage in a cage like-lifestyle filled with no real excitement or fulfillment, we become bored, isolated, tired, and quite frankly a DUD. This isn’t living. This is just existing. You’ve let your workload get the best of you and you haven’t allowed yourself to have any fun. This is how burnouts typically happen. It starts out slow and quiet until it sneaks up and takes you away to a miserable state of mind that you will be screaming in circles to be released from.

Creating your next breakthrough is simple. The hard part is putting in the work and following through with a positive attitude and persistence, no matter how big your discouragements are. Here are 5 tips one breaking through this burnout and get back on your feet, stronger and better than ever.

  1. Acknowledge you’re at a low point and take a tight grasp on your willingness to change.

  2. Reflect on what choices and mindset brought you to where you are and where you’ve been.

  3. Decide for yourself to disconnect from negative, self-absorbed, and shallow people.

  4. Redesign the standard for your life and take a closer look at your goals and aspirations.

  5. Pray every day and talk to God about your goals, your troubles, and give back gratitude.

  6. Give yourself a break and practice self-care habits every day that will help you relax and recharge.

  7. Take up more positive habits and begin putting yourself together in higher regard.

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