Driving 101: The Hammer Lane

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been brought to my attention over hours and hours of driving on these beautiful roads right here in the great land of the United States of America that 90% of you have no idea what the left lane is actually for.

I want to take a few moments to clarify any confusion you may have of the left lane since many of you seem to believe it is merely for “cruising”- spoiler alert: it’s not.

1. It is not for cruising. 

In other words, if you drive a Prius, you have no business being in the left lane, ever. I don’t care if your rims are blacked out, and you upgrade to the sports “package.” You still drive a Prius, and you are still holding up traffic. Scoot to the right. Thank you.

2. Strictly for passing

The hammer lane is commonly known as the passing lane. This means that if you plan to pass someone, you move over to the left and pass them. If you plan to stay where you are at and cruise on down the road, there is no need for you to take up space in the far left lane.

3. Clues to scoot to the right

If there is someone on your tail, clearly ready to run you off the road because you are hogging up the left lane, you should be polite and get over to the right. That’s it just move over one lane and let them by. Don’t be that person who stays where they are to make the aggressive man/woman behind you angry. This is how people get shot.

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