Dealing with the Anticipation for Change

Isn’t crazy that we think the most difficult times in our life are never going to end?

While the world around us is spinning out of control and nothing seems to be falling into place, we worry, we wonder and, we sit with anticipation questioning everything. The trouble is though that we aren’t embracing the hard times. We are so anxious for time to pass for things to change that we aren’t sitting back and living in the moment.

While we’re single we complain about not having anyone. We whine to our friends and family that we wish we had a companion. Then, months pass and we fall in love. We get in a serious relationship with someone special and a few months into it we begin complaining and analyzing the relationship. We begin to nag the other person about silly things. They question the things we do and together we wonder where this relationship is headed. Meanwhile we forget how badly we wanted someone to love and hold. When we got it we didn’t want it..

Or what about the dreaded family dinner where everyone came together and you just did not want to be there or you picked a fight with a family member for some illogical reason only to step back and reflect on it two weeks later and feel bad for your actions.

Do you see where this is going? We want to get through difficult times so bad that we don’t take the time to learn from ever angle of the problem.

When I was going through my quarter-life crisis I did not think it was ever going to end. I pictured myself 40 years old and still dealing with this problem. I didn’t know how in the world I was going to get through it. I just kept breathing. There were times I had to remind myself to keep breathing because this hardship I was going through was literally taking the life from me I couldn’t feel anything but pain and anxiety. But one day, miraculously it was all over. That’s it. Done. No more problem. No more worries. No more pain or discomfort. The hardship was over and I began to quickly move on to the next phase in my life.

It’s weird how things come and go in our lives. The good times leave and tough times arrive. We spend time day dreaming about the perfect job, relationship, and living situation but when we receive what we envision it’s not quite what we thought it would be like. More importantly we are not stopping to appreciate every single moment and every single breath. Instead, we are anticipating the next thing. Before it even arrives it’s all we can think about.

When you are going through a tough time and feel yourself getting anxious about the situation vanishing and your troubles disappearing, try to remain present and remind yourself how you ended up where you are. Think to yourself how this all came about. Don’t try to think so much about what it all means just think about what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

The events in our lives typically occur because God is trying to teach us a lesson and if we do not listen and learn from the lesson it will repeat itself over and over until the lesson is learned.

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  1. Your post is a good read! I am researching lessons or facts people would have likes to have understood at an earlier age. I just started. Your input would be great! I have a page at

    1. Absolutely. I would love to share some input.

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