Crawling out of Your Shell

After years of being reserved, isolated, shut down and emotionally unavailable, many people struggle to be OPEN. Usually, it takes a burnout or a sickness of the same routine, and the dull sense of an unfulfilling lifestyle that leaves many people craving something different– a change. When you begin to look at your life and realize you’ve spent such a long time being closed off to people and experiences in a longing to protect yourself, you may start to see and truly feel the meaningless way you’ve been living. There are many reasons why a person becomes closed off to the world around them.

They’ve been hurt one too many times by people they loved and trusted. They got tired and worn out from living from disappointment to disappointment. They went into their shell and stayed there. They stayed there for as long as they could, in hopes that no one could come in and attack, shun, or belittled them again. The shell is where people go to hide away from their fears. The shell feels safer than taking a chance on living in the world wide open.

Those that hide in a shell away from the world and choose to be closed off from everyone and everything don’t hate you or have no interest in you. The truth is they are numb from trying to live in the world where daggers get thrown at them day after day. They are reserved because there was once a time where they were not afraid and they got oh so terribly hurt and it happened again and again and again. Every time they sprung back, they got shot back down and terrorized by someone that meant the world to them.

Often times, people who are quiet and in their own personal shell don’t want to bother putting out any type of effort; especially in relationships. They will dive into their work or passion crafts that fuel their creative and ambitious nature.

If you know someone who is shut off and reserved, who seems rude at times and not all that warm and loving to you, do not take it personally. This person is most likely struggling with a lot of inner-demons and personal trials they wish to overcome but haven’t discovered or been provided with the proper tools for healing. HEALING is mandatory. You or your loved one who is trying to break out of their shell needs to focus on healing from the inside out. Completely recover from damage from the past and focus on moving forward without fear or bitterness.

Here are 10 way to practice being more open.

  1. Start your day with a morning meditation session.

  2. Create a plan to cope with your triggers.

  3. Remain aware and mindful throughout your day.

  4. Hear your fears then face them head-on.

  5. Forgive yourself and others for events of the past.

  6. Read a variety of books to broaden your mind and perspective way of thinking.

  7. Talk to someone about what you’re experiencing, no matter good or bad.

  8. Practice asking more questions and taking in as much knowledge as possible.

  9. Take better care of your appearance and maybe spice up your wardrobe for a fresh look.

  10. Stand tall — walk and talk with confidence.

As you incorporate these practices into your everyday life, you should soon begin to feel your world open up as promising opportunities arise from the trenches. Remind yourself each morning that you deserve everything great in this world and never let your self-doubt or the harsh actions of others get you down.

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