How to Create a Brand Kit

Creating a brand kit is an essential step in starting any successful business. The details can always be changed or adjusted as you progress and grow. Finding what works for your company might take a little experimentation before something sticks. One of the main reasons many brands go unnoticed online is due to their lack of polished branding. The truth is, you won’t get far without an eye-catching logo, easy to read fonts, and a logo that has you digging for more info with every click.

One of my favorite tools for creating a brand kit is Canva. It’s relatively easy to navigate and has endless options for creating unique content to implement into your marketing strategy. They also have tools to help you plan and schedule content on your various social media platforms, making your life a whole lot easier!

The key is to be consistent with strong visual branding. Get in front of as many eyes as you possibly can. Become recognizable anytime someone sees your logo, or when they see your tagline somewhere, they know it’s you. Keep coming back to your website with a clean layout, user friendly, and easy to read the flow of content.

Here are several things to keep in mind while building your brand kit.

  • Choose a color palette that reflects your personality
  • Choose a charismatic title font
  • Choose easy to read subtitle and body fonts that suit your brand
  • Set the minimum dimension for your logo
  • Leave clear space around your logo to make it pop

Once you and your team have agreed on a set brand kit, roll it up by updating your website with the fonts, colors, logo, and mission statement. Do the same for all email settings, uniforms, stationery, social media graphics, letterhead, and marketing materials. Set the tone in your office (especially the lobby) to reflect the core elements of your brand kit.

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