How to Deal With Jealous People

Someone who is jealous of you is not going to come out and admit that they are jealous of your achievements, or the attention you are getting. Instead, they will come at you with their finger pointing in your face, and tell you that don’t deserve any of the praise or success, and they are better than you. Of course this is not actually the truth, because everyone gets what they deserve. Hard work pays off.

(See: Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle)

So, before you break down a cry about how awful this person treated you keep in mind they are acting this way and treating you this way for a reason. It is because they are jealous.

The truth is this, people who don’t feel like they have much going for themselves at a particular time, or feel insecure about a certain thing in their life, or maybe it is something that is much deeper under the skin that is truly bothering them, they see success in others and it makes them angry. There is nothing you did wrong so do not worry, and before you cry for the next half hour because your feelings are hurt you need to take a step back and toughin up buttercup.

largeOne very important thing to pay attention to in a situation where someone becomes angry at you is to stop, and be careful how you react.

How we react says a lot about who we are so if you are the sensitive type, like me, you may tell this person to stop leave you alone and when they leave you burst out into tears because you don’t understand how someone could be so angry for something that you worked hard for to achieve or how you suffered for so long, but they may have no idea.


1. When someone is jealous of you, learn to take it as a compliment.

This person obviously wants something you have that they do not. In all honesty, it shouldn’t matter, and this is really petty because the other person has something you don’t have, but you’re not getting all bent out of shape about it. So just smile, and be rest assured that you’ve got your act together, and this person sees you as someone who is better than them.

Schadenfreude is a German word for happiness at the misfortune of others. – See more at:
Schadenfreude is a German word for happiness at the misfortune of others. – See more at:
Schadenfreude is a German word for happiness at the misfortune of others. – See more at:

2. Trust your authenticity.

Just be you and all you can be. Don’t worry about the negative things people have to say. Something you need to know is that people are ALWAYS going to talk, but when you learn to not let it affect you, that’s when you change the entire game.

Also, allow these kinds of situations to make you stronger. Knowing you worked hard for something and knowing how far you’ve come is an important thing to keep in mind. It’s easy to let a jealou person’s energy consume you, but don’t let it. Know that this is their issue, within themselves. It’s not your problem, or anything you did wrong.

When you are yourself and you work hard to perfect your talents, and improve your future, good things will happen so when they do, expect people to be a little infuriated. Maybe they never saw the battles you fought and the energy you invested into to something to make it happen. Maybe they can’t see what your capable of yet, but they will so stay on track and stay focused.

3. Keep your cool.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Stay calm, and before you react let your thoughts and feelings fully process. There is no need to get on the same level as a jealous person. If they want to act out in some jealous rage, fine. You don’t need to engage, or take part just because they want to have a battle about something. Rise above it.

Don’t trip on squirrels.

Don’t be a turkey. Fly with the Eagles.

4. Talk it out.

If the situation becomes uncomfortable, or bothersome, don’t be afraid to talk to the person and find out what is truly bothering this person. It is best to have these types of conversations face to face. Try to understand why the other person feels the way they do. Heck, maybe they just need a hug.

6.  Carry on

Mind your own business, and carry on with your life, your work and keep your own peace of mind.



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