How to Lose a Girl in 10 Days

Most of us have seen the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, but have you ever wondered what it takes to lose a girl in 10 days? Many articles you read online or books you see propped up in local stores are often focused on what girls should avoid doing to keep a man around. When the roles are reversed, and women have the chance to voice their own opinion on what turns them off- wouldn’t you men love to know, so you have a better shot at keeping her around?

Listen, not everyone is perfect. Sometimes people make some pretty odd choices in life, but at the end of the day, each one of those choices has a motive behind it. Everything we do it is for a reason, whether or not we completely understand what that reason is in the particular moment- there is always a reason.

Dating is difficult. It can be one of the most dreadful yet exciting things we do to find true love. Yes, there are a lot of lousy frogs out there and plenty of BS you will experience throughout this process we call dating. True love does exist, but there are many things you must avoid if you want a relationship to last. There are character traits we all need to work on to have stable and healthy relationships.

The bottom line is this: If you do these 15 following things, you will 100% scare her off before you even know what hit you.

  1. Show up uninvited to the most recent place she tagged herself in on social media. This will, for sure, make you look like a total creep and have her calling and texting her best friends as she runs off to “use the restroom.”
  2. After a week of dating, ask her when her lease is up because you want to know when you can move in together and start a family.
  3. Don’t take her out to one nice dinner and just assume she will cook for you every night after that with the groceries she paid for on her low-income wage.
  4. After your 3rd date, tell her you want to bring her out of town to meet your parents at an intimate setting in their house to be drilled with personal questions that cause you to feel interrogated and uncomfortable.
  5. Invite yourself over every night to sleep on her side of the bed, park in her covered parking spot she pays for, and creepily caress her as you hover over her as she wakes up in the morning.
  6. Make comments about how everything in her apartment is yours too.
  7. Tell her after week one you want to merge bank accounts and share credit cards.
  8. Test her on theories such as, “How would you feel if I wanted to be the stay at home dad and you worked full time?” Or something like, “You should start shopping for rings to propose to me with.”
  9. Cry at least twice before date four and then once every date after that.
  10. Go MIA for several hours after you make plans with her (more importantly, on a Friday or Saturday night) and altogether leave her hanging like her world revolves around you.
  11. Have no interests or hobbies of your own. Simply agree with everything she says and pretend to like everything to likes, even though you don’t.
  12. Drink every night and force her to stay up late watching music videos with you when you know right, and well, she has to get up early for work and be on her A-game.
  13. Undermine her, but do it in a manipulative sort of way, so you almost sound smart.
  14. Suggest spending every waking second with her, so you crowd her personal space, and she feels like she can’t even breathe. In other words, be ultra co-dependent.
  15. Tag yourself in her photos that you aren’t even in on social media. Also, send her a relationship status request on Facebook to show that you two are in a relationship after week 2. Also, don’t ever post a photo of the two of you together on your social accounts and leave all your pictures of your ex on your profile, so your new girl looks like an absolute fool.

LADIES: If there is anything else a guy can do to make you run for the hills, please write me a comment in the section below, and I will add it to the list so we can together help men stay clear of doing these insanely terrible things.

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