Work Obsessed Millenials and Today’s Hustle Culture

Finding Balance in Work and Life

What is #Hustle culture. You’re probably wondering what the heck is #Hustle culture. #Hustle culture is the mindset that you have to pour every single second of your day into “work.” it goes past being a workaholic, because workaholics at least eat and drink and sleep.” – Ramon Creates

It seems as though we are living in a fast-paced culture obsessed with working. Weekends have turned into networking events and happy hour has become meetings that go well into the night.

I live in Los Angeles, California, where if you don’t have something to offer someone, they will quickly turn and walk the other way. This goes for our dating culture too. I’m curious if this is a worldwide climate or just in Los Angeles and other major cities in the United States.

From sunrise to sunset we find ourselves working on various projects and trying everything we can to get a few steps ahead or heck just to stay afloat which many people can’t even say is happening for them with endless amounts of debt and other responsibilities that seem to weigh people down.

For many millennials, they work a full-time job and have 2-3 freelance gigs on the side to stay relevant, involved, and earn extra cash.

“Most are choosing new companies because they’re more likely to find a better fit for their career growth. When the opportunity arises, you have to take it. … It all comes down to the fact that jobhopping allows millennials to have their say in the direction their career is going.” – Forbes

Although working hard is commendable and should absolutely be rewarded (and unfortunately rarely is), its important people focus and breathe. We are living in a work-obsessed culture with a non-stop schedule, and for some reason people, mainly millenials don’t see anything much wrong with is. Everyone is running around the excuse they are, “so busy”. This excuse is far from cute.

I understand that the high cost of living in most cities, an obsession with work, networking, and ultimately hustling seems like something that needs to be done, the only problem I have with it is that we have become so consumed in this “busy” mindset that it’s screwing up our mental, emotional, and physical health. People seem to be drinking and using drugs more so than ever before. They are wrapped up in an unhealthy work culture that has caused more stress than any one person should ever take on or put upon themselves.

Some people use work as an escape, much like people do with alcohol. There is clearly a void trying to be filled and in this case its spending long hours at the office or in front of the computer at a coffee shop. Limiting your time working is completely recommended as it’s important to maintain balance in life.

To anyone who is feeling under pressure and overworking themselves to fit into this hustle culture, its time you take mini-breaks and implement a self-care routine into your daily schedule. For several self-care ideas read: 74 Self-Care Ideas For Stressed Out People Pleasers

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