10 Ways to Show Him You Love Him

For some women it can be difficult to know what to do to show their man that they love them and care for them. That’s where I come in. I have 10 simple ways you can show him you care. You don’t need a lot of money, or know any special tricks, you just need to be willing to be selfless and give with your whole heart, no matter what has happened to you in the past or how little you trust people because everyone you ever knew before screwed you over. That is over and your man deserves all of the love and respect this world has to offer. 

Okay, here it goes.

1. Be supportive. 

Your man needs to know that no matter what happens or how hard his day was that you will be there when he gets home to listen and encourage him in any and every aspect of his life.

2. Make him breakfast.

A man has to eat. Feed him before he walks out the door for work. Know what types of foods he likes and dislikes. Be up before he is and prepare his favorite sunrise breakfast.

3. Don’t nag him. 

Please for the love of God do not ask him 30 questions about…. anything. Let him talk if he chooses to do so. If there’s a problem and something makes you uncomfortable or something happened and you’re not happy, talk to him about it, but be direct. Don’t bother him with your nonsense when he is working. This goes back to numbre uno.

4. Don’t doubt him. 

Believe him when he says something. Until he proves you wrong there is no reason to believe anything other than what he has already told you. If he says you’re the love of his life and there’s no one else who can ever compare- believe him that he means it with all of his precious and adoring heart. If he says he’s working late, believe him. When he gets home you can check him for shimmers and vanilla scented body spray. Until then, trust him. 

5. Don’t snoop. 

Listen no matter what you think or have been told in the past, snooping is never a good idea. It’s no joke when people say some things are better left unknown. Yes, it may seem a bit foolish and naive to think “My boyfriend/husband is perfect. He would never lie to me or cheat on me. He doesn’t talk to other women behind my back. He’s an angel.” But, the truth is that until something blows up in your face and you get some cringe worthy feeling that something is terribly wrong and he’s a cheating asshole, then back away from the phone, log out of his email, and sit back where you belong. If your man loves you, cares for you, respects you, treats you like a freaking princess, it is not likely that he is going to up and leave you for some hood rat anyway. So just calm down and try not to be tempted to go through his things. He deserves respect just as you do and I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if you were being all kinds of loyal and your man started snooping because he suddenly felt like he couldn’t trust you. That would suck and you know it.

6. Pick up the tab. 

Every now and then it wouldn’t hurt if you picked up the tab. This is a new time, a new era. Women make money, we work hard, why shouldn’t you pay for a nice meal or movie for the two of you love birds?

7. Be respectful of his family.

Don’t go around bashing how ridiculous his mom is or what a skank his sister is. It is not your place to make any type of judgment anyway. You would probably be pretty uncomfortable if he started talking about how over protective your father is and how your brother is waste. Not cool. Be respectful- that is his family and they are not going anywhere. You should save yourself the stress and drama and learn to love them.

8. Show your interested in the things he enjoys doing.

Oh gosh, don’t be a bump on a log when he wants to go do something that you have no interest in. This is much easier to do when you date someone who shares the same common interests as you (something to consider before you settle down with anyone). If he wants to take you fishing but you hate the thought of some slimy animal bleeding everywhere my advice is to suck it up and be a trooper. Yeah, most girls are not into blood and guts but maybe he wants to show you new things and enjoy a fun experience together- you know create memories you’ll treasure forever. Or maybe he wants you to hang out with him as he fixes some old car he’s been restoring. There’s a real importance to keeping an open mind and being free to bond over the things that make him happy. Remember: he is a guy and not every many thing he enjoys is going to sound the most appealing, but shopping and talking about your gal-pal drama isn’t something he has at the top of “The Things I Love The Most” list either. Compromise people, compromise.

9. Remind him of your commitment and loyalty.

Don’t let the day do by with your telling your man how special he is to you and how much you love him. This doesn’t get old and if he gets annoyed with it all either he isn’t the one for you, or you are being a little too much and going too far. 

10. Know his love language.

Understand what he needs to feel appreciated and cared for. This should be number one but I saved it for the last point so you can go to The 5 Love Languages and share your results with your man. This way the two of you will know what each of you values and what the other one needs to do more or less of to make you feel satisfied in your relationship. 


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