How to Make Yourself More Valuable to Others

How to Make Yourself More Valuable

Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated because you feel people belittle, insult, or try to minimize your worth? Well, this is the perfect article for you. Many times we work so hard and see great results in our work and what we are contributing with the help of our talents and overall effort, yet people around us or close to us fail to recognize the special traits and value we bring to the table.

This happens a lot with women in the workplace and in relationships. For some reason people still undermind women. It’s hurtful to know and prove you are if not smarter than and more knowledgeable than your male counterparts and still be looked down on and not accepted as someone who holds tremendous value to the company your work for or the relationship you are in. There are several things you can do to help relieve the frustration you’re feeling and increase your value to others.

Your boss or supervisor has much to say in your success at the place you work. With that being said, it is important you do your best to make yourself valuable to this person. If they do not see your value, if these tips don’t help, it may be time to look for a job somewhere else where you will feel valued and appreciated. 

  1. Value your time in such a way that others will respect the time you give to them. Do not always be fully available to every person who demands time with you.
  2. Sharpen your skill set by reading and studying your industry of interest.
  3. Listen to the goals of others so you can offer your help.
  4. Make time for self-care to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.
  5. Take up a healthy exercise regiment that will strengthen your coordination and focus.
  6. Communicate clearly on your goals, recent accomplishments, challenges, and ideas.
  7. Set boundaries for yourself that minimize distractions even if that means cutting people out of your life, distancing yourself from negative influences, and creating space for better habits.
  8. Speak at a considerate volume while using open body language that displays confidence.
  9. Develop a positive reputation for your contribution and how you help build other people up and work collectively for the greater good of common goals that everyone can benefit from.
  10. Do not participate or contribute to gossip. Rise above negative banter, but keep your eyes and ears open concerns of shortcomings that could affect everyone involved in a group or the organization you work for.

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