10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

In life, we often get distracted by what’s happening around us and forget to stop for a second and take care of what’s truly important- ourselves. We are creatures of destruction, regret, and mistakes. When it all becomes a bit too heavy to carry, we begin to feel weighed down, used, tired, taken advantage of, and overwhelmed.

All of these feelings are real and they existent in each and every one of us. When life gets us down and we begin to worry, doubt, or dwell, we tear ourselves apart in little bitty pieces that aren’t even justifiable to who we are as great and powerful human beings. We belittle our own value, making ourselves feel worse than we ever need to feel.

When we sit and look at the past and the mistakes we made, we revisit a time where we could have done things differently, but that time and that place in the past doesn’t matter. That is what we have to remind ourselves. That time came and now it’s gone. The moment we are in right now is the most precious moment of all, because it’s the only time we have to make a choice for better or for worse.

Taking care of ourselves above all else is something many people have a very difficult time doing. As we get older we learn more and more about what it means to have self-love. Making it a priority to love and care for ourselves in order to be healthy, and happy is so very important, because if you can’t manage to let go of your fears, doubts, and self-pity you won’t have much to give to someone else.

Those of us who have made mistakes in life (hello to every human on earth), one of the hardest things to do is let go of the regret we hold on to- wishing to change the past or dwell and worry about the future, it’s time to be free of all the pain we cause ourselves. It’s time to stop self-destructing our mind, body, and soul.

It’s time to forget about the negative things people have said about us. It’s time that we finally look at ourselves in the mirror and be completely aware of all of our talents, beauty, strength, dignity, and hard work we put into the things we are most passionate about.

With all of that being said, here are 5 helpful tips for each and every one of us (because we are all in this together) to start practicing today and learn how to be a person who values themselves and allows that love and respect to radiate through us as we go on about our day.

 1. Start the day off with a smile. 

When you wake up, take a deep breathe and think of three positive thoughts that will help make you feel good and motivated to get up and get moving. Remind yourself how beautiful you are and that today is a brand new day full of so many great possibilities.

2. Get on a healthy eating and exercise routine. 

The gym is calling your name! Workout, eat right, and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is a vital part to your health and well-being. When we work out, our minds become more clear- no more of that fogginess. Another benefit of getting the right amount of exercise is we sleep better, our immunity system become stronger to fight off illnesses, and it improves our overall confidence- who doesn’t want that?!

3. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and make you feel good about yourself.

This is one of the most important things of all. End any toxic relationship in your life, right now. If they don’t lift you up and make you feel like the incredible, beautiful person that you are, they need to be shown out the door- immediately. The world is full of toxic people running around, stirring up jealousy, doubt, and negative energy.

Stay away from those types of people.

You know who they are. Some of them could even be friends of yours who you’ve known for a long time but have yet to cut the tie that drowns you. The good news is that there are millions and millions of people in the world and when you free up time, energy, and space from those who drag you down, you create room for new and better people to interact with.

4.  Embrace changes and challenges in your life. 

We all face things that can be a bit challenging; they force us to change. One thing that is certain in this life is that change is inevitable. No matter what you do to try to stop it, change is always going to happen. That is just how God intended for it to be.

Without change we cannot grow. It forces us to be better, think differently, and gain new perspectives. This is a good thing! Focus on how the changes and challenges in your life can help you grow and prosper instead of thinking, “Oh my gosh this totally sucks! Why me!?” Welcome it with a positive outlook and know that no matter how terrible or hard something seems in this moment, it is going to be good for you.

5. Meditate and pray every single day.

Take 10-20 minutes out of your busy day to sit still, close your eyes and release all of your worries, doubts, anger, frustration, and hatred. There is so much going on in our lives that when we don’t stop to just be still and be grateful for everything we have and everything we are, we lose focus on it all.

Mediation can bring so much peace to your mind, body, and spirit. It is something that has been practices long before our time. Studies have shown that meditation increases your attention span, slows down the aging process, helps you appreciate life, and reduces stress.

For guided meditation and helpful tips check out Headspace available through the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

6. Don’t believe everything you think or hear. 

We are our own worst critic. We all have self-doubt that lives inside of us that keeps us from reaching out, growing, and believing in our God given talents. When you have these sorts of doubts about what you are capable of, and you feel as if you don’t add up to the expectations you set for yourself, keep in mind that the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. Aw long as you are happy with the work you’ve done, that should be enough for you to feel satisfied.

Remind yourself of the hard work you put into a particular thing (job, project, relationship, etc.) and leave your negative thoughts behind. Use the inner doubt you feel to motivate you, to push you, and be happy for all that you have accomplished thus far.

Pay closer attention to thoughts and words of encouragement and less attention on the negative remarks and thoughts getting put out there.

7. Stop comparing your life to other people. 

There will never be another person like yourself. Each and everyone of us has a variety of people (including pets) opportunities, and skills to be  grateful for. We all wake up to a different scenery, and have a different set of responsibilities. There is no reason to look at one person’s life and feel jealous, envious, or feel less about yourself because you do not have what they may have.

Remember that everything you see is only the surface. You have no idea what the person you are envious of really has to deal with or what their life (past, present, and future) is really like. Keep this in mind because we often get sidetracked when we see someone’s photos on social media, the car they drive, their home, their whatever. We all want people to think we have it so good, so next time you look at someone (or their social media profile) think about everything you have that they do not. Think about your family, pets, friends, career, everything you love and take for granted- think about those things. No one else has the life you do so be grateful for every aspect of your life. Just as you are feeling envious about other people’s possessions, there are people out there looking at your life and your accounts wishing they had all you have. So be thankful.

8. Do not seek approval, from anyone. 

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese

9. Have fun. 

Get out there and have some good clean fun. Turn up the music, laugh your worries away, and soak up the little moments that bring you joy.

10.  Spend time alone.

Do things alone that will help improve your overall well-being, such as, getting organized, cleaning out your closet, writing in a notebook to track your days, memories, and thoughts, get groomed and stay fresh. There are many things you can do to enjoy some alone time. Try to see a movie by yourself or take yourself to dinner.

You are your own best friend so take care of your inner and outer being completely.

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