Protecting Yourself During COVID-19 Outbreak

Protecting Yourself During COVID-19 Outbreak

The corona virus is said to be spreading all across the world, and impacting the way we are being forced to live our lives. The government is urging everyone to stay home and limit your exposure to other people. For those of us who have been working from home for a while now, this is nothing new. We are used to being inside most of the day and glued to our home office while we get our job done. For those who are having to adjust their workspaces to practice social distancing, this may feel a little uneasy being detached from the people you work with every day.

One of the most important things to do during this time is keeping a sanitized living space as well as wash your hands. This is said to be the most crucial thing you can do during the COVID-19 outbreak to help prevent it from spreading. For those who are not taking it seriously right now are going to find it difficult to stock up on food and essential needs because they are waiting till the last minute to run to the store for necessary items to last the next few weeks.

Paper products are being sold out left and right. I checked Amazon last night and there isn’t toilet paper or paper towels available and most other in-demand items won’t be delivered until the end of the month. This is a troubling time for our country and all around the world. It’s important to try and stay calm and limit how much of the news you watch because the media is only going to freak you out and cause your anxiety levels to increase dramatically. Just stay home. Relax. Get your work done. Practice good hygiene. Read some new books. Do your laundry and keep a clean house. Lysol your door handles, cell phone, and pretty much anything else that gets touched frequently.

April is going to be a long month but we will get through this oddly challenging time. Never have we experienced such a pandemic and the fear of not having basic household needs for comfort and survival. It’s a weird time that is for sure. Sending prayers of safety and good health out there and hope you all use this time to enjoy with your family and loved ones.

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