How Social Media Can Improve Your Business

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Social media is on the rise and it’s come to be known as one of the many essentials to running a successful business. There is more to it than most people think so this breakdown should make it easier for you to understand the importance of incorporating a successful social media strategy into your business plan.

“Every business anymore needs a social media precense and not just plain boring content, but professional looking content that is engaging.” – My GRANDMA.

Often times, we think of social media as just a place to catch up with old friends or share photos of our lives to appear more interesting than the norm. Well, in the case of business it’s much different. Social media is defined as, “A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.”

Online communities provide businesses with a network base of billions (1.73 to be exact) of people who are constantly sharing, uploading, and commenting on content that is relative to a number of categories, age groups, and geographical locations.

This allows us to advertise at a very low cost, and sometimes no cost at all. We are able to share insight, knowledge, and information with those who maybe have never heard of a brand or product before. We are able to write content that can be read by those who are hungry for something new, innovated, and different. Social media allows us to broaden the market and expand growth across the globe.

There is no better way to say it. Your business needs social media to survive in this day and age.

Some of the best platforms to utilize are:

Facebook (1+ billion active users)

Twitter (336 million active users)

Instagram (800 million active users)

Yelp (1.4 billion active users)

Pinterest (250million active users)

YouTube (1.8 billion active users)

LinkedIn (467 million active users)

Google+ (395 million active users)

WordPress (75 million websites depend on WordPress)

Tumblr (396 million active blogs)

We Heart It (30 million active accounts)

(updated January 2019)

Benefits of using social media in business:

  1. Instant feedback from customers.

  2. Helps you find new customers and expand your audience.

  3. Great way to get ahead of your competitors.

  4. Increase web traffic and search ranking.

  5. Share content quickly and easily with social media.

  6. Generate more leads.

  7. Increase brand awareness.

  8. Gives you more control over managing your online reputation.

  9.  Enhance your brand image and overall visibility.

  10. Built trust and credibility with customers.

  11. Develop more relationships which can help provide long-term customer satisfaction.
  12. Increase the quality of customer service using helpful and professional responses through online communications.
  13. Influence purchasing decisions in a positive manner.
  14. Cheaper advertising.
  15. Easily track your progress to  see if changes or improvements need to be made.
  16. Geo-targeting
  17.  Improve your overall sales.
  18. Educated your customers on new and current products or services at the click of a mouse.
  19. See who and what is being said about your brand.
  20. Reduce customer service staff.
  21. Reduce marketing costs.
  22. Attract and retain employees by online media engagement.
  23. Design your own online personality.
  24. Provide more value to your brand through the use of social media.
  25. This is the Information Era- everyone’s faces are glues to a cell phone or computer screen. We are seeking to find information and social media provides just that.


For information on services for all of your social media needs, please fill out the contact box below. I will be glad to help you grow your business into the empire you have always dreamed of.  – Jennifer McDougall

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