Is Your Soulmate Someone You Already Know

Is Your Soulmate Someone You Already Know

Have you ever thought about the possibility that maybe your soul mate is someone who is already in your life, but you have not yet realized it? Think about all the dates you go on and new people you meet, but still, you have not met the one who feels like the perfect match. This question has been running around in my head for a while now. Over and over, I hear people say, “Oh, you will meet someone soon. The guy you are meant to be with is somewhere out there in the world; you just haven’t met him yet.” But maybe I have. Maybe my perfect match is someone who I have already met but have not fully explored the possibility with them. Perhaps they have a girlfriend, or we met at the wrong time.

I have thought about this before, but when a girlfriend of mine asked me the same question, I began to realize I was not the only one who pondered on this idea. It could be that the person you are meant to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with is someone you don’t talk to very often, or it could be someone you have not spoken to in a while.

So many of us are busy looking around out, hoping to find someone new and fantasize about someone we haven’t met yet, waiting for them to come along and sweep us off our feet. We go out to nightclubs, bars, book stores, outings with our friends in hopes to meet that special someone. Well, what if that person is actually someone who already knows you. Someone you don’t have to explain yourself to. Someone who already understands your struggle and has seen you go through good times and bad. Maybe they were there to lend you a hand when you hit a rocky bottom, but you called them “just a friend.”

I suggest exploring your options with people who are already in your life. It could be someone you casually met and haven’t stayed in contact with. Maybe it’s time to reach out to that person and see what they are up to these days. I do not suggest you go try to rekindle a relationship from the past or get back with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend (Read: It’s a Breakup Because It’s Broken, available on Amazon).  I also don’t suggest going on Facebook and adding everyone you went to high school with or start following randos on Instagram. People may think you’re a creep. I’m just suggesting you be open to people who you attract in your realm.

You may not realize how much you have in common with a person you pass by every day but rarely have a conversation with. You may have written someone off because of one reason or another, but I suggest you give it a chance. Remember that quote, “You never know unless you try.” Well, that applies to this.

I challenge you for 30 days to stop looking on dating websites, bars/clubs, or anywhere else for that matter for the perfect match for you. Start looking at the people who are already in your life. You may be surprised who comes out of the woodworks and whom you might have an insanely good connection with.

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