10 Things I wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

If I knew then what I know now, there are so many things I would tell you. When you are young you want to try it all or maybe you are someone who is afraid to try anything at all. This is an open message to what I wish I could tell myself if I could go back in time and do things a little differently. We could all use someone when we are young who knows more than we do, who guides us with good intention and who can be a hero in our lives when we need it most.

  1. Do what you want, not because other people are doing it but because YOU want to do it.

  2. Walk away from people who belittle you, hurt you, shame you, and make you feel less valuable.

  3. If he/she can’t stand up for you in front of his friends and family, leave no room for him/her in your life. You deserve better. No exceptions.

  4. Love on your parents more. They are trying to protect you and show you they care, even if their ways are confusing.

  5. Stop running back to what was once comfortable. You will only create more pain and grief for yourself as you continue this path. Embrace new beginnings.

  6. Actually, study and put in the work at school so you can achieve greater things and feel proud of yourself. Your grades do matter and you will thank yourself later, I promise. 

  7. Before getting angry or doing something you may regret, pause and think about how you are going to feel about it in the morning or a week from now. Ask yourself, ” Will this decision benefit me in some way or am I being selfishly reckless? Could what I’m about to do hurt someone I love? Does my gut say this is a good idea or a bad idea?” 

  8. Focus on self-improvement and becoming a better person than you were yesterday. Growth, no matter where you are or what stage of life you are in, there is always room for improvement and that doesn’t mean you aren’t enough right now, it just means you need to continue to strive for better and being a wiser, stronger, and more knowledgeable person.

  9. Shed off negative and toxic people from your life without question or doubt. Learn to let go. The faster the better. Break free and move on without hesitation.

  10. Be who you want to be not who the world, your parents, your friends, or anyone else tellsto be. Don’t apologize for how you feel or the person you are.

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