What is Branding in Marketing

Branding, simply put, is the identity of a company. It distinguishes one company from its’ competitor. Look at Pepsi and Coca Cola. Two different identities, with a different color scheme, logo, font, and mission statement, and tag line. People recognize these two companies, just like many others, by their branding. Before creating a marketing strategy, you must create a branding kit. This is what you will use in all marketing materials and any internal and external communications from the company’s employees.

A branding kit is like an identity card for a business to be noticed by consumers. It’s an essential part of any and every business. Your branding theme (the tone of your colors, logo, font, and tag line) should reflect what your company does and the value it embodies. Every aspect of your brand identity reflects what the company stands for, showcasing what it represents. Your colors, fonts, and logo must send the right message to the world, so they know when they have a sense of what to expect from your company.

Aside from a cool logo, pretty color scheme, and some trick logo, branding is also the cleanliness of your office, how your company composes itself, it’s everything associated with your business. Keep in mind that what you bring into the business, whether that be a new employee, a piece of furniture, the way you package and deliver things, how you dress, your timeliness to meetings, this all must align with your company’s values and vision. Hiring someone who disagrees with the mission of your company could be considered “very off-brand.” Designing the office in a cheap and randomly colored style when you are an upper class, elegant company, people visiting may walk in and be very confused.

Everything, as far as the business goes, should always match your company’s heart and soul, which is, yes, the core elements of the branding kit itself.

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